An inclusive platform

That is dedicated to enabling the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sudan.

Space size:

275 m2

Savannah Innovation Labs

The breeding grounds for Innovation.

Space size:

275 m2

A hybrid space

Invested in dedicated future change makers and offering meaningful content to enable them to compete within the local and global market.

Space size:

25 m2

Fostering global citizens and responsible leaders

By educating, equipping and empowering competent change makers committed to building a better world.

Space size:

275 m2

Why Savannah

Because of our work that is based on Sudanese centric models of partnership and collaboration that catalyzes the growth and integration of social entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability to pursue meaningful and productive futures.

I would really like to thank Savannah for their brilliant work and their contribution towards helping build a better Sudan for both individuals and companies.

Nazar Arabi ( Co-founder / CEO, Go)

We thank Savannah for providing us with a platform to discuss about Knowledge sharing and management which is a big and important topic,. With the help of the Savannah team, we are sure we can reach more people and further educate the Sudanese society.

Zainab Osman Mahjoub ( Co-founder / Manager, Studio Urban)

Savannah is the ecosystem 2.0.

Khalid Mohamed Ali ( Executive Director, ECCS)
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