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Film screening event

a film screening of " Wheat Trap " for Mohammed Fawi.

Fire side chat with Imad Abusam - Challenges within the startups

Fireside chat with Imad Abusam, Lead Product Manager of Uber Gifting and Uber Cash.

Gum works

In North Kordofan - Um Rwabba 2022, the Gum Work training program was introduced in collaboration with Crosswise Works and Africorps.

The Story Behind


In this section we provide a collection of our previously published newsletters,in which we share with you updates and
trending topics in the ecosystem

Floating of Currency - March 2022

A floating exchange rate is a market price for a government currency in relation to international currencies that is determined by supply and demand . This is a concept based on fixing the exchange rate in which the regime is responsible for determining the rate.

Innovation Management - September 2022

Managing an organisations' innovation method, from ideation to implementation, is referred to as innovation management. It includes the decisions, activities, and practices associated with developing and implementing an innovation strategy. An innovation strategy is a new mission and specific detailed plan to create new value, for which customers are willing to pay. It includes a set of behaviours or policies toward achieving future organisational growth.

Doing Business With a Friend - October 2022

Most individuals strive to avoid conducting business with close relatives and friends. Others will even avoid contacting them as consumers or potential clients. And, honestly, with all of the possible drawbacks, I can't blame them. Some people can truly push the boundaries of friendship. Crossing the narrow line between favours and taking advantage of someone on occasion

How Can Startups Navigate The Current Global Recession - November 2022

A global recession is a period of prolonged worldwide economic deterioration. Because trade ties and international financial institutions spread economic shocks, and the impact of recession is different from one country to another , a global recession encompasses more or less coordinated recessions and spans multiple national economies.