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Film screening event

a film screening of " Wheat Trap " for Mohammed Fawi.

Fire side chat with Imad Abusam - Challenges within the startups

Fireside chat with Imad Abusam, Lead Product Manager of Uber Gifting and Uber Cash.

Gum works

In North Kordofan - Um Rwabba 2022, the Gum Work training program was introduced in collaboration with Crosswise Works and Africorps.

The Story Behind

Newsletters ​

In this section we provide a collection of our previously published newsletters,in which we share with you updates and trending topics in the ecosystem

Floating of Currency March 2022

Floating the Sudanese pound and the effects it has on the economy in Sudan.

Green Economy May 2022

The green economy, an economy that promotes human well-being and social fairness.

Innovation Management September 2022

Managing an organisations’ innovation method, from ideation to implementation.

Doing Business With a Friend October 2022

Is it “healthy” to continue to work with partners/customers who are also friends/family?