The Future is Digital II
June 2021 ​​

To survive in today’s competitive digital landscape, you need to be intuitive, social media-savvy, and persistent. Most importantly, you need to be a jack of all trades. Apart from knowing all the digital tips and tricks, you must learn and use a wide range of digital tools to work more efficiently.

Digital marketing creates opportunities to develop successful businesses in ways that previously were not possible for small companies. Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly important source of competitive advantage in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. 


SMEs over the years have consistently shown strength in maintaining the level of business growth and job creation. The ability of SMEs to learn and acquire knowledge is a crucial step that ultimately determines whether SMEs can advance to the next level. The adoption of digital marketing in SMEs can change the shape and nature of their businesses locally and globally. 


Earlier last month Savannah trained the second cohort from Darfur on digital marketing. This training is a follow up to the digital literacy program that Savannah launched in Darfur in partnership with USAID. One of the entrepreneurs that we worked with is Nadia. Nadia has been running a baking and pastries business from her home for the last 5 years.


After receiving the digital literacy training, Nadia has increased her customer base and has been able to reach people outside of her direct locality increasing her digital sales by 100%. The training that was held consisted of essential modules such as branding and marketing, accounting and access to digital shopping platforms. Before the training, Nadia used to average about 5 customers per day. Two months after receiving the training, Nadia now averages about 60 customers per day drastically increasing her monthly income.


This truly showcases the potential for micro enterprises when trained on the importance of digital literacy and given the necessary tools to engage with the emerging  digital economy, entrepreneurs like Nadia can continue to grow and prosper with the right policies and support systems in place.

June Journal

  1. In this episode of “The Story Behind Innovation in Digital Services”  we were honored to have Nazar Arabi , Co-founder, and CEO of GO, a ride-hailing company that specializes in passenger transportation services as they strive to make the lives of their customers safer and more efficient, and aim to build the first reliable and inclusive digital platform for transportation in Sudan!

Find out about Nazar’s journey with GO, and how the organization strives to contribute to shaping Sudan’s ICT landscape!


To see the interview check out our Facebook page and Youtube channel 


  1. Savannah team representatives along with community leaders from 10+ African countries convened in Assinie, Ivory Coast to deep dive and discuss the strategic direction for the i4policy movement. i4Policy is an iterative policy-making process that has been implemented nationally in more than a dozen countries. i4Policy also establishes an ontology of democratic innovations. With an ethos on how we can empower local communities to bring policy-driven change utilizing the multi-disciplinary spaces around us and activating the everyday citizen.


The movement worked in Sudan before, laying the foundation for what became known as the Sudanese Innovation and Entrepreneurship Network (SIEN). A network that was formed with the main goal of including everyone in the ecosystem to address the difficulties facing them and presenting policymakers with grassroots-driven policies. 


For those interested in joining and regulating the movements, please reach out to the Savannah team.


  1. Join us this coming month to celebrate artists and figurative painter Dahlia Abdelilah’s first solo exhibition with the Muse Multi Studios and hosted by Savannah Innovation Labs.


“A Place Named Embrace” explores human relationships, emotions, and expressions displaying an intimacy that is shown through Dahlia’s figurative paintings.

In her visuals, she explores a personal journey of growth, change, and confinement translated into a series of paintings depicting figures and characters of mostly earthly tones, portraits of minimal expression, and the togetherness that holds them all as a whole.


The exhibition is opening on the 8th of July from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm and in view until the 15th of July.

Suggestion of the Month 

Earlier on we touched on the importance of digital marketing for MSMEs. Here is a list of digital marketing tools we think will help you elevate your online game!

  1. Canvas: Enhance your visual marketing tactics with this tool 
  2. Hootsuite: Manage and monitor your social media platforms from one place
  3. Google my Business: Manages how your business appears on Google Search and Maps


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