Arts and Culture in Sudan March 2021

Sudan is rich in its diverse culture which can be attributed to the extended geographical space. This diversity is reflected in arts, architecture, food, and music. All of which has been off-limits to global visitors but this is no longer the case.

We are very elated to announce our new partnership with The Muse. The partnership aims to enrich the artistic content in Sudan by serving as a bridge between Sudanese artists and the world. The program aspires to be a launchpad for artists and creatives, providing them with a workspace as part of the Residency Program, and a space to display and exhibit their works through the Art Curation Program. Stay tuned for more events by Savannah X The Muse.


  • The first event as part of the partnership was Savannah x The Muse presents to you Destinies, an art exhibition by the artist Bakri Moaz, The exhibition took place between the 13th and 20th of March. In his Art, Bakri highlights the relationship between the material and the spiritual and focuses on the human search for the truth. Abubakr Moaz aka Bakri Moaz is a student at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at Sudan University of Science and Technology.

In his Art, Bakri highlights the relationship between the material and the spiritual and focuses on the human search for the truth. 

 Stay tuned for more events by Savannah X The Muse.


March Journal

  • In this month’s Story Behind, we will be highlighting Innovation in Healthcare. We talked to Sami Al Amin, Co-founder of MDzeyara, who shared with us his ideas about healthcare in Sudan.

MDzeyara is an innovative healthcare company with a cultural touch. They’re a global, diverse team of Ivy-league trained doctors and healthcare professionals on a

mission to bring cutting-edge, culturally sensitive, and comprehensive healthcare to anyone.

Noteworthy, we are so lucky to have Hashim Ibrahim the Co-founder and CEO of MDzeyara as one of the advisors on our advisory board at Savannah!

To see the recorded interview check out our Facebook page. 

*The Story Behind(…القصة وراء) is a community dialogue designed to educate, inspire, and connect young people, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and game-changers in Sudan and its diaspora

The Suggestion of the Month 

Celebrating women’s history month, we are highlighting a few initiatives that work in supporting, empowering, and enabling women in Sudan. S/O to all the women who are making a huge effort to attain and sustain women’s rights, WE SALUTE YOU!

But first, how did March become Women’s History month? At the International Conference of Socialist Women in Germany in 1907, feminist and activist Clara Zetkin called for an international day that brings women together to organize around their labor rights and living conditions.

In May 1908 women of the American Socialist Party called for demonstrations in Chicago to demand economic and political equality with men.

After that many women from different countries agreed on celebrating women’s day in March, in the form of demonstrations and organisation to demand the improvement of livelihood for women  

These demonstrations demanded rights that we benefit from today, such as reducing the working day to 8 hours and taking maternity leave.

To our suggestions of the month,

First, we have Nabra, an Instagram blog that empowers women by educating them about their bodies and defying the misconceptions and myths related to women’s health in Sudan.

Second, Salute yal Bannot, an all-female Sudanese band formed in February 2015, the band consists of 11 ladies with 7 vocals and 4 playing the instruments. They recently released their new album Bittersweet that consists of 6 songs plus a spoken word video. It touched on the true meaning of life from the band member’s perspective; a collection of meaningful stories about love, hope, sadness, and courage.

Lastly, we have Sharkina, a social enterprise led by Layla Siraj that aims to support and empower marginalized women in the Sudanese community by providing access to training, resources, and marketing and creating an overall better quality of life.

Check them out and support their work.

Salut from the Savannah team to all the females receiving this newsletter.