TechWorks Digital Upskilling Program

Savannah in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation introduces "TechWorks" program to provide recent graduates with the know-how needed to navigate emerging opportunities in an ever-digitizing world.

Program Benefits

Data Analytics Skills

Tell stories using data

Programming Skills

Tackle local challenges using code

Soft & Professional Skills

Learn to effectivly and efficently communicate

Employment Opportunities

Land your dream job and intership

Our Approach

Techworks utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to prepare participants for the digitizing job market.


Will undergo modules

that will assist in enhancing both their technical and soft skills to ensure that they best fit market demands.

The participant's

Newly learned skills

will be evaluated by utilizing a case study approach in which participants will be required to create digital solutions that address some of the market's most pressing challenge.

About Us

SAVANNAH Innovation Labs is an inclusive platform that is dedicated to enabling the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sudan.

We help foster global citizens and responsible leaders by educating, equipping, and empowering competent change makers who are committed to building a better world.

Our work is based on a Sudanese-centric model of partnership and collaboration that catalyzes the growth and integration of social entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability to pursue meaningful and productive futures.