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Lets talk about Rollo February 2021

Rollo is a business simulation program dedicated to inspiring and supporting small African enterprises facing challenges after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Arts and Culture in Sudan March 2021

Sudan is rich in its diverse culture which can be attributed to the extended geographical space. This diversity is reflected in arts, architecture, food, and music

The Future is Digital April 2021

The world as a whole is rapidly digitizing. In order for SMEs to actively participate in this digital revolution  they need access to digital skills read more about that in this article.

Doing Business in Sudan May 2021

SMEs are the engine that drives economies and the stepping stone to industrialization for developing economies such as Sudan

The Future is Digital II June 2021

To survive in today’s competitive digital landscape, you need to be intuitive, social media-savvy, and persistent. Most importantly, you need to be a jack of all trades

Fintech July 2021

Like all other industries, the financial industry is rapidly digitizing. Fintech is a blend of the words “finance” and “technology,” and it refers to any company that applies technology.

E-commerce August 2021

E-commerce is considered disruptive technology because it is shifting the way that consumer, industry, and businesses operate.

Natural User Interface (NUI) September 2021

Natural user interface (NUI) is a trend that has been around for quite some time but is constantly evolving, learn more about it in this article.

January 2021

In a rapidly growing ecosystem, founders need to be able to focus on building their idea. That is exactly what YC does.

Floating of Currency March 2022

Floating the Sudanese pound and the effects it has on the economy in Sudan

Green Economy May 2022

The green economy, an economy that promotes human well-being and social fairness.

Innovation Management September 2022

Managing an organisations’ innovation method, from ideation to implementation.

Doing Business With a Friend October 2022

Is it “healthy” to continue to work with partners/customers who are also friends/family?

How Can Startups Navigate The Current Global Recession November 2022

Tips on how to manage startups during global recession.